Getting Started – Part 1

With software ‘eating the world’, is there still a place for actually making a physical device? I think so.It is very satisfying to put some components together and end up with a physical device that does something useful or fun. so I have started this blog as a place to share my experiments and projects involving microcontrollers and electronics .

In computer software, the first program many people write is one that displays the words ‘Hello World’ in whatever programming language they are using. The equivalent for electronics is probably to make an LED blink. It may not look like much but once you can get that to happen, you can change things and experiment and expand what you’re working on, it’s a sign that your program or circuit is working. If you’re learning a new platform, it’s also a sign that you have taken a step – bought a device, wired it up, programmed it if needed, and switched it on. Until you get to that point, it’s an unknown. If you’re like me, you might even profess to dislike a new tool until you have at least got this far.

If you’ve taken a break and come back to something, it can be hard to see how to get started with the latest technology. There is a lot of assumed knowledge because people have moved on and got stuck somewhere else, and that’s what they’re interested in talking about. Then there are basic tutorials that are often way too simple.  I hope this blog will help you to get to the ‘hello world’ point with many different things, and be aware of different options.

Author: Paul

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